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SA2000: The most convenient, affordable fleet tracking solution

Providing great service is your number one concern. When you know where your fleet vehicles are at all times, you’re never left wondering whether they’re arriving to the correct job site and if they are making it there on time.

With the SA2000 from SkyBitz Local Fleets, you get all the benefits of fleet tracking for one low monthly fee of $18.95 per month.

Running a safer, more efficient fleet is easy

The SkyBitz Local Fleets Economy package offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology that allows you to track your fleet in real time. With the Economy package comes the SA2000 hardware, a “plug and play” solution that requires no special installation. You simply plug it into your OBD port and start receiving real time information about your vehicle. You can check in on your fleet’s status from anywhere, whether you’re on a PC or mobile device.

Low Cost, High ROI

As part of the SkyBitz Local Fleets Economy package, the SA2000 is a low cost device that provides an enormous return on investment. It helps service fleets become more efficient and profitable.

For a low monthly subscription fee, the SA2000 collects data, generates detailed reports, and delivers real time alerts so you can monitor:

  • When vehicles are being driven for personal use
  • When your vehicles require scheduled maintenance
  • Whether drivers are taking the most efficient routes
  • How much fuel is being used and why

The data collected by the SA2000 empowers businesses to make decisions that save costs on fuel, improve the safety of their fleet, reduce unauthorized use of vehicles, and most importantly, track vehicle location from anywhere.

Our team looks forward to helping you optimize your service business, and we’ll be by your side wherever the road takes you. Contact SkyBitz Local Fleets today, and say hello to smarter, more affordable vehicle tracking with the SA2000.

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